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When it comes to the safety of people working on or near a rail line, Waysafe provides a clear indication for travelling from the authorised access point, and along the authorised safe walking route to get to the railway, or just marking an area of danger then Waysafe offers the complete solution.

110/240V Battery Backup Waysafe

110/240v Battery Backup Waysafe

  • Combines both battery and generated power within one product
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110/240v Waysafe illuminated marking system

110/240v Waysafe

  • For sites where generated power is available
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Battery Waysafe illuminated marking system

Battery Waysafe

  • Illumination times from 8 to 30 hours
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Directional Waysafe IIluminated Guide Light

Directional Waysafe

  • Indicates the direction of travel for the user
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I-VIEW headlamp - with hands free activation

I-VIEW headlamp

  • This rechargeable LED Head Torch offers superior hands-free illumination with this new introduction to the range.
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Line Light R - Rechargeable inspection hand lamp

Line Light R - Inspection hand lamp

  • LINE LIGHT R is an extremely powerful inspection light and flashlight in one.
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MAG 3 hand held work light

MAG 3 hand held work light

  • The MAG 3 integrates work light and flashlight functionality in one
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Uniform rechargable hand held work light

Uniform hand held work light

  • An Extremely durable work lamp, the new COB LED strip light provides a unique powerful and completely uniform illumination which is ideal for working light.
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