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Waysafe is the ideal tool when your need is to mark a safe route to a crime or accident scene, or mark the crime or accident scene itself. ?Simply deployed the Waysafe takes the headache out of a clear indication of the crime or accident scene.

110/240V Battery Backup Waysafe

110/240v Battery Backup Waysafe

  • Combines both battery and generated power within one product
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110/240v Waysafe illuminated marking system

110/240v Waysafe

  • For sites where generated power is available
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Battery Waysafe illuminated marking system

Battery Waysafe

  • Illumination times from 8 to 30 hours
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Directional Waysafe IIluminated Guide Light

Directional Waysafe

  • Indicates the direction of travel for the user
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Flash 300 torch

Flash 300 torch

  • FLASH 300 is very sturdy torch, built from high quality materials and is designed for the professional user.
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I-VIEW headlamp - with hands free activation

I-VIEW headlamp

  • This rechargeable LED Head Torch offers superior hands-free illumination with this new introduction to the range.
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Line Light R - Rechargeable inspection hand lamp

Line Light R - Inspection hand lamp

  • LINE LIGHT R is an extremely powerful inspection light and flashlight in one.
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MINI SLIM inspection light

MINI SLIM inspection light

  • The ultra-thin, compact design of only Ø9mm allows inspection in even the most inaccessible and narrow work areas.
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Nightjar 1300 lumen battery powered work light

Nightjar 1300 lumen work light

  • Portable lighting has to be portable and the time on task should be spent on the rescue or incident not setting up lighting.
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NOVA 10 K - 10,000 Lumen Work Lamp

NOVA 10 K - 10,000 Work Lamp

  • NOVA 10K is the most powerful SCANGRIP lamp on the market providing up to 10,000 lumens.
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NOVA 3K C + R 3000 Lumen COB LED work light

NOVA 3K C + R work light

  • The NOVA 3K C+R is a universal all-round work light both rechargeable and with cable (DUAL SYSTEM) providing you endless application possibilities in every working environment.
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NOVA 5K C + R 5000 Lumen COB LED work light

NOVA 5K C + R work light

  • The new and improved NOVA 5K C+R is a universal all-round work light both rechargeable and with cable (DUAL SYSTEM).
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Uniform rechargable hand held work light

Uniform hand held work light

  • An Extremely durable work lamp, the new COB LED strip light provides a unique powerful and completely uniform illumination which is ideal for working light.
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