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LGI Waysafe ?

The Waysafe linear illuminated marking system has been designed for use in low light or dark applications either internally or externally. It enables the user to mark a safe route or to mark a hazard.

The portable Waysafe system’s cable is only 5mm in diameter. The cable emits a brilliant Blue/Green light along its entire length. This colour is highly visible at night and provides the safety and comfort factors inherent in a clear constant reference point. The product range has been developed specifically to accommodate the requirements for both portable and plug in power.? There are Four standard illumination colours available, these are:- Blue/Green, Red, Lime Green and Orange

110/240V Battery Backup Waysafe

110/240v Battery Backup Waysafe

  • Combines both battery and generated power within one product
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110/240v Waysafe illuminated marking system

110/240v Waysafe

  • For sites where generated power is available
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BA Line Waysafe illuminated guide line

B.A. Line Waysafe

  • Innovation for working within smoke filled environments
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Battery Waysafe illuminated marking system

Battery Waysafe

  • Illumination times from 8 to 30 hours
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Directional Waysafe IIluminated Guide Light

Directional Waysafe

  • Indicates the direction of travel for the user
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Submersible Waysafe - under water illuminated guide line

Submersible Waysafe

  • For both the Professional and Commercial Divers
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Waysafe Linear Illumination Mains Charger

Waysafe Mains Charger

  • Mains charger for the Waysafe range.
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Waysafe Powerpack

Waysafe Powerpack

  • The Waysafe Power-Pack adds a new dimension to the Waysafe range.
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