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UNI EX - Handheld Sturdy Work Light

Product Number .03.5600

Handheld rechargeable EX PROOF LED work light

UNI-EX is a very sturdy, rechargeable COB LED work light for the professional user. The COB LED light provides a unique powerful and completely uniform illumination which is ideal for working light.?

The extremely durable UNI-EX lamp features a sturdy surface to resist wet and dirty workshop environment. The shape and surface of the lamp provides a comfortable, ergonomic grip.? Place the lamp everywhere you want during an inspection. Fitted with sturdy hook and a strong built-in magnet in the bottom enable you to have both hands free for working.?

The flexible lamp head tilts up to 180 degrees. UNI-EX is designed to carry in the pocket or in the work belt by the built-in belt clip. In this way, you always have the work light close at hand when you need efficient and bright illumination for a job.?

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ATEX Rating
ICEx.png IECEX TPS 17.0003X
TUV.png TÜV IT 16 ATEX 083 X
EXlogo.png II 2G EX IB OP IS IIC T4 GB

More Information

The lamp is recharged in the charging base. When not in use, keep the lamp in the charging base which can be wall mounted.? UNI-EX is supplied with both a main light and top light.? The main light offers two-step operating options, ?Step 1 = 50 %, step 2 = 100% light output. ?Run time up to 6 hours. The intelligent battery indicator at the back keeps you informed of the battery level.